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How long do hardwood floors last?

At Voyageur Flooring we often hear the same questions over and over. We don’t mind at all! However we like to post these frequent questions on our blog hoping that the answers to these frequent questions will benefit others. Our customers often ask us how long their hardwood floor should last. Of course their are a few variables (traffic, pets, children with spikes on their shoes:), etc.), but typically a floor should last between 7-10 years. When I say it should last I am referring to the finish not the wood. Some refinishing companies use a cheaper polyurethane and of course this will ensure that they will be back to sand your floor sooner (we don’t like those companies). If you need a list of those companies I can provide it. Voyageur Flooring uses the highest quality polyurethane on the market. By making this selection we are ensuring that your hardwood floor’s finish will last a long time or at least on the long end of the 7-10 year range. Keep in mind that Voyageur Flooring still offers very competitive rates. In other words, some companies skimp on the quality of the finish which yields higher profits for them. Although we areĀ a for-profit company, we believe that in the end using the best materials will make happy customers and hopefully more customers!


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