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A quick stop by the lake on the way to a homeowners house…

The Voyageur Flooring blog has a lot of good information about hardwood flooring. From time to time we venture off into talking about our hobbies. We like to think that life is more than sanding hardwood floors…although some days it seems like that’s all their is.  

One day last week, early in the morning (5 A.M.), a couple of  Voyageur Flooring‘s owners stopped by a nearby lake to do a little bass fishing prior to beginning a job.

They caught some fish. Here they are.

Fishing Picture of Micah Witham

That’s a nice one.

Ben Witham Bass Fish

That’s another nice one.

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Voyageur Flooring welcomes another employee

More and more people are finding out that Voyageur Flooring is a great choice when it comes to their hardwood flooring needs. As we grow, we keep adding wonderfuly people to our staff. Recently, Micah Witham has been helping our crew complete hardwood floor refinish jobs. Micah’s background is in ministry and as he takes a break from that we are excited to have him on the job site. During his first week of work we were able to snap a photo of the new employee…

Micah Witham and Voyageur Flooring

Welcome Micah!

VF Blogger

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The Dip by Seth Godin – a GREAT book to read

In today’s marketplace, you can’t be in business and expect to be the only company offering a service or product. In fact, it’s often the case that your key competitors provide stiff competition and are at the very least worthy adversaries. Sometimes they flat out kick your butt (I know from experience)! When it comes to Minnesota Hardwood Flooring services, it’s no different – consumers have a lot of options. Voyageur Flooring would love to think that we are the only option – but we’re not quite their yet! Maybe a few acquistions down the road we can say that :)…

I recently read a book by Seth Godin called The Dip which talks a lot about being the best at your given craft within “your world”. At Voyageur Flooring we believed from the beginning that we could be a good company. However, since reading Seth Godin‘s book, I’ve discovered that it would be more noble for Voyageur Flooring to aim, not at being good, but rather being the absolute best. The moral of the book is that when one takes on a worthy task (like becoming the best at something) that they will inevitably experience times when they feel like giving up – this time is called the The Dip. The Dip stops people from progress – the book does a great job of explaining why its worth pushing through The Dip.

Voyageur Flooring believes that it can be the best in “our world” when it comes to Minnesota Hardwood Flooring services. We are a young company but have energy and a focus on becoming the best. Check out our website to see some of our work and to read a little more about who we are…I think you’ll like us (

I realize that this blog is about Hardwood Flooring and the aforementioned book review has nothing to do with our topic. However, sometimes you read something or are exposed to something that simply helps frame life a little more clearly. I believe it’s worth sharing when something like that happens…

Push through The Dip,

VF Blogger

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Floor Sanding and Fishing for Trout

After a long week of sanding floors in Minneapolis, two of the three Voyageur Flooring owners made a trip up to the North Shore to fly fish for Steelhead Trout. The day was successful and a full report of their day fishing can be found on this website: Thanks for stopping by! Call Voyageur Flooring for all of your Hardwood Flooring needs!

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Customer words on Minnesota’s Hardwood Flooring choice: Voyageur Flooring

Recently Voyageur Flooring received a letter from a customer. This letter serves as a testimony to the quality of work that is performed by Voyageur Flooring and the manner in which we carry out our work. We deeply appreciate words like this from our customers – it means a lot to our business and we are excited to share them with you!

Dear Voyageur Flooring:

My wife and I personally wanted to thank you for the installation of our new red oak hardwood floors. We have worked with numerous contractors through out the years and have never been really impressed by other contractor’s professionalism or the quality of the work. My wife really appreciated Voyageur Flooring starting the job at the specified time and finishing the work on the agreed time schedule and taking the time to hang plastic minimize the dust in the house when sanding the floor. Voyageur Flooring staff was very courteous to my wife and three boys. In addition, I know that young children’s curiosity can get in the way when anyone is working. However, I was most impressed by the quality of the new red oak hardwood floors. Once again, thank you for our new red oak hardwood floors and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name.


Dennis M. Honsa, L.S.

Vice President

BDM Consulting Engineers and Surveyors

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Beyond Wood Floor Sanding…Voyageur Flooring on vacation!

Voyageur Flooring‘s ownership team, as stated in previous posts, loves to spend time fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Recently, one of Voyageur Flooring‘s three owners, Ben Witham, had the oppurtunity to travel to Colorado and do some fly fishing in the mountains with old friends. Sure Ben had a good time and enjoyed the company of great friends, but he also netted some gorgeous “CutBows” (combination of a Rainbow Trout and a Cutthroat Trout). Thanks to technology he was able to not just tell a fish story, but actually furnish proof that his time in the mountains yielded some beautiful fish. Take a look at the beautiful fish that Ben caught!

 Voyageur Flooring owner Ben Witham Trout Fishing

 Voyageur Flooring owner Ben Witham Trout Fishing

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