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Minnesota Hardwood Flooring – Special offer to Realtors and Real Estate Investors from Voyageur Flooring

Voyageur Flooring has created a new program for REALTORS and Real Estate investors. Our new program allows homeowners who need to refinish their hardwood floors, as part of preparing their home for the market, the opportunity to have the work done and then pay Voyageur Flooring when the home sells. Voyageur Flooring knows that homes going on the market need to be crisp and clean in order to compete with other homes on the market in a time when the inventory of homes is high. Our program for REALTORS and investors is simple: if your client or your home needs its wood floors refinished, Voyageur Flooring will refinish the hardwood floors for 50% up front, and when the home closes, we collect the balance from the homeowner. If the listing should expire, Voyageur Flooring will collect the balance when the listing expires. As a REALTOR, offering this service to your clients is a must. It will make the home look better and hopefully sell more quickly. It also offers REALTORS a way to distinguish oneself from competition by aligning your business with a company such as Voyageur Flooring who is willing to work with homeowners and help in the preparation process. If you have questions or want more information on Voyageur Flooring‘s new program, please don’t hesitate to call Jake Witham (Director of Business Development) and he will give you more details. If you would like to request a free estimate, simply visit Voyageur Flooring‘s website:


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