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proof is in the testimonies! minneapolis/st. paul homeowners speak up…

I wish it were the case that Voyageur Flooring was the only company that refinishes and installs hardwood floors in the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, their are a few us doing this work. As a homeowner myself, I like to know that the people that come to my home and do work are reputable and safe. When a company is open and transparent about its past record, it makes me feel like they are trustworthy. Voyageur Flooring understands this and that’s why we provide you with letters of references from past customers. Some companies fake these letters – we don’t. On our letters you can find phone numbers to the customers themselves.

If you’re looking for a reputable company to refinish your hardwood floors or perhaps install new hardwood flooring, please visit our reference page and be assured that Voyageur Flooring will be on time, extremely skilled and a pleasure to do business with. Here is the link:

If you would like to request a free estimate click here: Hardwood Floor Refinishing FREE QUOTE.



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why voyageur flooring left

For those homeowners who don’t know what is, it’s a site where as a homeowner you can detail what type of contractor you are looking, give details about your job, and then contractors (who pay money to call you to service your need. Essentially, is a lead service…they collect leads from homeowners and then sell the lead over and over again to any contractor who will pay for it. Each contractor must prove his company is insured, but that’s not that hard.

Here’s why Voyageur Flooring has stopped working with We have nothing against anyone at ServiceMagic, but feel like sharing why we left will ultimately benefit you (the consumer)!

1. As a homeowner, you have a need within your home that you are willing to pay someone to solve. You don’t need 10 companies to solve it – just one. sells your lead until they are blue in the face often times resulting in a “mad dash” to your doorstep.

2. The best companies don’t always win – which means as a homeowner you don’t win. Companies that don’t spend money on advertising or other traditional business practices can simply be a member of ServiceMagic and call it a day. It’s not a sustainable business model but it can work for awhile. In the meantime, the loser is the homeowner. 

3. Because “the lead” is sold more than once, twice, three times, etc., this eventually will result in a degradation of the services provided. For example, if company A knows they need to bid the work REALLY low to get the job, because they are bidding against 6 other companies, what do you suppose will give way in this scenario? The answer is something that hurts the most important part of the equation – the homeowner that has a need! You see, company A is going to bid it really low to get “the work” and then will skimp on the supplies (using poor quality materials) which pads his already slim profits.

As a homeowner, you have a lot of research tools at your disposal via the web. We encourage you to utilize those tools (ie: look for letters of reference, reviews, etc.) and make an informed decision about your contractor (on your terms). Don’t fall for the low price leader – when it comes to hiring a contractor, you get what you pay for.



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Before and After Hardwood Flooring photos

Minneapolis Hardwood Flooring

Minneapolis floor sanding

Voyageur Flooring relishes a good challenge when it comes to salvaging hardwood floors. Not every job is this drastic, but this certainly shows you that no job is to difficult. Whether you live in St. Paul, Minneapolis or a surrounding Twin Cities Minnesota suburb,  Voyageur Flooring can help you solve your hardwood flooring needs. Even if its DIY Hardwood Floor sanding advice, we’re here to help. If you’d like to request a free estimate or read a letter of reference about Voyageur Flooring our main website has a lot of information about us!

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Preparing to sell your home? Voyageur Flooring can help…

Recently Voyageur Flooring refinished the hardwood floors of a couple living in the Crystal Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the competitive Real Estate market that we find ourselves in, having an advantage over other homes for sale in your area is a key element to selling your home in a timely fashion. Of course their are a lot of ways to accomplish this, and one such way is to have freshly refinished hardwood floors. This couple was kind enough to share a letter of reference that Voyageur Flooring is excited to share with you…

   Dear Ben & Voyageur Flooring,

   We are very pleased with the way our floors turned out – they are gorgeous

   and have been fully restored to their natural beauty! Voyageur was able to

   fit our hardwood floor refinishing (red oak) into their schedule, which will

   allow us to put out house on the market in a timely fashion – and the job

   they did will surely help us sell! Ben worked very efficiently, the house

   was virtually dust-free, and everything was left as it was found. Voyageur

   is the third flooring company we have used to refinish oak floors in two

   homes, and they by far are the best – We will be recommending Voyageur to

   family and friends for their hardwood floor projects.

   Thank you!

   Erin and Travis F.

   42XX Russell Ave. N., Minneapolis

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Summer is a great time to get your hardwood floors refinished

Often times the summer consists of taking trips to see relatives or maybe a vacation for your family. These trips and endeavors are what makes summer so much fun. Especially here in Minnesota, sometimes we live life as though we only have a few months of the year to accomplish so much. And rightfully so when you think about how long and boring winter can be. While you are out and about taking trips and having a great time, consider that your empty house is a great time to have your hardwood floors refinished by Voyageur Flooring. Even if you are gone for only a couple days, that’s usually enough time for Voyageur Flooring to refinish your hardwood floors.

Don’t procrastinate caring for your hardwood floors! If you need a professional to refinish your floors, call Voyageur Flooring and we will work with your busy summer schedule to get the job done right. We have some great references that we’d encourage you to read (references).

To request a free estimate on having your hardwood floors refinished, click here: FREE ESTIMATE.


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Customer words on Minnesota’s Hardwood Flooring choice: Voyageur Flooring

Recently Voyageur Flooring received a letter from a customer. This letter serves as a testimony to the quality of work that is performed by Voyageur Flooring and the manner in which we carry out our work. We deeply appreciate words like this from our customers – it means a lot to our business and we are excited to share them with you!

Dear Voyageur Flooring:

My wife and I personally wanted to thank you for the installation of our new red oak hardwood floors. We have worked with numerous contractors through out the years and have never been really impressed by other contractor’s professionalism or the quality of the work. My wife really appreciated Voyageur Flooring starting the job at the specified time and finishing the work on the agreed time schedule and taking the time to hang plastic minimize the dust in the house when sanding the floor. Voyageur Flooring staff was very courteous to my wife and three boys. In addition, I know that young children’s curiosity can get in the way when anyone is working. However, I was most impressed by the quality of the new red oak hardwood floors. Once again, thank you for our new red oak hardwood floors and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name.


Dennis M. Honsa, L.S.

Vice President

BDM Consulting Engineers and Surveyors

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From the mouth of a Voyageur Flooring customer!

The prices were excellent but we were worried about the level of customer service and how punctual the installers might be (we’d heard negative stories about other companies from friends and family). In a world where customer service is mediocre at best, it was a surprise and a pleasure to work with the people at Voyageur Flooring.  

Voyageur Flooring takes great pride in their work and it showed throughout the process of our installing our new hardwood floor. They arrived when they said they would arrive, they left when they said they would leave, and they cleaned up after themselves every evening before they left. There was no foul language exchanged, no fast food garbage or empty pop cans lying around and Voyageur Flooring was always ready to answer all of our naïve questions with care and patience.  

We love our new hardwood floors! We would, and have recommended Voyageur Flooring to anyone needing hardwood flooring services. Be careful though, your relatives and neighbors might get jealous – our sure did! 


Reen and Wayne Ahmann

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