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before and after gallery – minnesota hardwood flooring/refinishing projects

Voyageur Flooring likes to share the results of our work with prospective clients. We have a nice before and after gallery on our website that allows you to scan through some recently completed hardwood flooring refinishing projects that we’ve completed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Here is the link: before and after gallery: minnesota hardwood flooring

If you’re considering refinishing your hardwood floors and you live in the Twin Cities area, call Voyageur Flooring or visit our website to set up a free in home estimate. Unlike some companies in the Twin Cities, we provide these estimates in the evenings and on weekends – ya know, when you’re not working!




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most popular posts

this post is a review of our most popular posts. if you have questions about us or our twin cities based hardwood flooring services, hopefully these posts will help you:

water based finish vs. oil based finish (refinishing question)

minneapolis bungalow before and after hardwood floor refinish photos (refinishing)

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hardwood floor refinishing + stain – what does that look like? (hardwood floor refinishing + stain question)

Voyageur Flooring is a local Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota based company that is passionate about hardwood floors. If you have questions that you can’t find answers to on this blog, please call us (651.226.0093) or visit our website Minnesota Flooring.

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minnesota wood flooring: before and after photos

Take a look at the wear patterns in the before picture. This is fairly common in older homes especially found in St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota. We can help though – as the picture might suggest.

Get a free estimate – we provide them in the evenings and weekends (ya know, when you’re not working).

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is it possible to lighten my hardwood floors – YES!

At Voyageur Flooring we are often asked if its possible to lighten the look of hardwood floors. We also are asked if its possible to darken the look of hardwood floors; the answer to both questions is yes but this post will show pictures of a hardwood floor that was lightened.

st. paul minnesota hardwood floor sanding before


st. paul minnesota hardwood floor sanding after


You can see in the first picture that the hardwood floor is much darker. We were able to refinish these hardwood floors and lighten the feel significantly. The old, dark stain actually drew out the grain patterns in the wood quite well. Some people, such as this homeowner, don’t like grain patterns or don’t want them to be over powering. In this case were able to minimize how prominent the grain patterns looked.

If you have questions about your hardwood floor or would like a free estimate, please contact Voyageur Flooring today!

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free in home estimates – evenings and weekends too!

Voyageur Flooring recently added to our homepage that we provide free in home estimates on the evenings and weekends. Our blog is a great place for Voyageur Flooring to elaborate on why we do bids during these two time periods. The answer is quite simple – because you, are customer, are home most often during these times! Voyageur Flooring things its unnecessary for you to have to take off of work and rearrange your day time schedule to refinish your hardwood floors. So in the end, being available at night and on the weekends makes it more convenient for our customers. We truly want the process of having your hardwood floors refinished to be an easy one. FREE ESTIMATE

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Before and After Hardwood Flooring photos

Minneapolis Hardwood Flooring

Minneapolis floor sanding

Voyageur Flooring relishes a good challenge when it comes to salvaging hardwood floors. Not every job is this drastic, but this certainly shows you that no job is to difficult. Whether you live in St. Paul, Minneapolis or a surrounding Twin Cities Minnesota suburb,  Voyageur Flooring can help you solve your hardwood flooring needs. Even if its DIY Hardwood Floor sanding advice, we’re here to help. If you’d like to request a free estimate or read a letter of reference about Voyageur Flooring our main website has a lot of information about us!

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How long do hardwood floors last?

At Voyageur Flooring we often hear the same questions over and over. We don’t mind at all! However we like to post these frequent questions on our blog hoping that the answers to these frequent questions will benefit others. Our customers often ask us how long their hardwood floor should last. Of course their are a few variables (traffic, pets, children with spikes on their shoes:), etc.), but typically a floor should last between 7-10 years. When I say it should last I am referring to the finish not the wood. Some refinishing companies use a cheaper polyurethane and of course this will ensure that they will be back to sand your floor sooner (we don’t like those companies). If you need a list of those companies I can provide it. Voyageur Flooring uses the highest quality polyurethane on the market. By making this selection we are ensuring that your hardwood floor’s finish will last a long time or at least on the long end of the 7-10 year range. Keep in mind that Voyageur Flooring still offers very competitive rates. In other words, some companies skimp on the quality of the finish which yields higher profits for them. Although we are a for-profit company, we believe that in the end using the best materials will make happy customers and hopefully more customers!


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Should I Refinish or Resurface my Hardwood Floors

A question that Voyageur Flooring often hears from homeowners is “should I refinish or resurface my hardwood floors”? The difference between those two services is quite considerable. To refinish hardwood floors, Voyageur Flooring, actually sands your floor and removes the top layer of finish and wood. The purpose of this is to remove all deep knicks, scrapes, scratches, stains, etc. This process is applied to hardwood floors that have significant wear and tear. Often times hardwood floors have been neglected and as a result a hardwood floor refinish is the only option. Other floors have minor scratches and imperfections that are not as deep. These imperfections can often be cured by a resurfacing. To resurface a hardwood floor, Voyageur Flooring buffs the existing finish and applies a new coat of finish. The difference in price is about 2.00 per foot. Hardwood Floor resurfacing doesn’t not include a sanding but rather a buffing. For more information please visit Voyageur Flooring‘s website and click on services.

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Common Flooring Question: Water Based Finish vs. Oil Based Finish?

Often times at Voyageur Flooring we here homeowners in Minneapolis/St. Paul ask us what the main differences are between an oil based finishes and water based finish products. If you are considering having your hardwood floors refinished you should be asking these questions because their is a difference!

Voyageur Flooring‘s website has answers. Please see both links for a detailed answer to this good question. I will also give a short summary here. ( & (

 At Voyageur Flooring we believe in water based finishes for three main reasons. First, water based finishes give off a CONSIDERABLE less amount of fumes contrasted against oil based products. Wood Floor refinishing doesn’t have to be a process that removes you from your home and gives you a headache when you return.  Secondly, we believe at Voyageur Flooring that water based products last longer than oil based products. Although we’d love to refinish your hardwood floors every year (our business would explode), homeowners like you should have to refinish your floors every 7-10 years. Some oil products don’t last half that long. Finally, oil based products have a tendency to taint the coloring of your hardwood floor. Water based products allow a more natural look. Wood Floors are beautiful and we believe that water based products give a more accurate, un-tainted view of your floors. Of course, if you want your hardwood floor darkened or would like your hardwood floor to match furniture, trim, etc., we can stain your hardwood floor.

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When should I refinish my hardwood floors?

The four most common reasons to refinish the hardwood floors in your home:

1. Preparing to sell your home: often times refinished hardwood floors can give a home that’s being prepared to go on the market a refreshed look. In today’s real estate market, refinishing your hardwood floors may give you a needed advantage over the other homes that are for sale in your neighborhood.

2. Spruce up a home you just purchased: prior to moving in all of your belongings, refinishing your hardwood floors can be easily done in an empty house. Living in a home that is being worked on can be a pain so it’s a good idea to accomplish as much as possible while the home is empty.

3. Your hardwood floors haven’t been refinished in 7-10 years: homeowners often procrastinate the refinishing of their hardwood floors. If you occupy the home, moving furniture and getting ready for a company to refinish your hardwood floors can be a chore. Their are many benefits that you can read about on Voyageur Flooring‘s website.

4. Removing of carpet: if you live in an older home and have rooms that have old carpet, there’s a good chance that hardwood flooring lies beneath your old carpet. Removing the old carpet is a great time to refinish your hardwood floors. Belongings and other objects have already been removed from the room and the hardwood floor probably will have dirt, scuff marks, tack marks from the carpet and other left over remnants from the carpet that need to be cleaned – this is a perfect chance to refinish your hardwood floors.

 Go to Voyageur Flooring‘s website to read more about caring for your hardwood floors…


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