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should i pull the carpet up?

Here at Voyageur Flooring we receive a lot of questions via email. I received a popular question this morning that I thought I would answer publicly with the hope that it would help some other Minneapolis/St. Paul homeowners who are contemplating refinishing their hardwood flooring.

The quesiton is: I know that I have hardwood floors underneath the carpet, should I pull up the carpet? The answer is: it doesn’t matter to us! We can easily get an idea as to what’s underneath the carpet simply by pulling back the corner and based on the dimension of the room, provide an accurate estimate. If you want to pull it up yourself, go ahead! If you don’t, we’ll gladly pull it up for you and even dispose of the carpet on your behalf.

Finding hardwood floors underneath carpet is a great surprise! I always wonder why someone would cover hardwood floors, I digress…

If you are thinking of pulling up the carpet and refinishing your hardwood floors, call the Twin Cities hardwood flooring experts today!


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Before and After Hardwood Flooring photos

Minneapolis Hardwood Flooring

Minneapolis floor sanding

Voyageur Flooring relishes a good challenge when it comes to salvaging hardwood floors. Not every job is this drastic, but this certainly shows you that no job is to difficult. Whether you live in St. Paul, Minneapolis or a surrounding Twin Cities Minnesota suburb,  Voyageur Flooring can help you solve your hardwood flooring needs. Even if its DIY Hardwood Floor sanding advice, we’re here to help. If you’d like to request a free estimate or read a letter of reference about Voyageur Flooring our main website has a lot of information about us!

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Do it yourself hardwood floor sanding

At Voyageur Flooring we really enjoy it when people hire us to work in their home and provide solutions for their hardwood flooring needs. We know that some people rent equipment and attempt to sand their own hardwood floor. Sometimes things turn out great and that specific homeowner can save a few dollars (if they have the time to do the work). Other times things don’t turn out very well and the job goes south. Voyageur Flooring has a page on our website where homeowners can ask us questions via the comment box. If you attempted to Do It Yourself and things aren’t working out very well, we encourage you to ask Voyageur Flooring for advice via the comment box and we’ll do our best to answer your questions free of charge. Maybe our tips and advice will be just what you need to “get over the hump” and get the hardwood floor sanded and refinished. Ask us for advice!

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