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before and after gallery – minnesota hardwood flooring/refinishing projects

Voyageur Flooring likes to share the results of our work with prospective clients. We have a nice before and after gallery on our website that allows you to scan through some recently completed hardwood flooring refinishing projects that we’ve completed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Here is the link: before and after gallery: minnesota hardwood flooring

If you’re considering refinishing your hardwood floors and you live in the Twin Cities area, call Voyageur Flooring or visit our website to set up a free in home estimate. Unlike some companies in the Twin Cities, we provide these estimates in the evenings and on weekends – ya know, when you’re not working!




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this post is a review of our most popular posts. if you have questions about us or our twin cities based hardwood flooring services, hopefully these posts will help you:

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Voyageur Flooring is a local Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota based company that is passionate about hardwood floors. If you have questions that you can’t find answers to on this blog, please call us (651.226.0093) or visit our website Minnesota Flooring.

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should i pull the carpet up?

Here at Voyageur Flooring we receive a lot of questions via email. I received a popular question this morning that I thought I would answer publicly with the hope that it would help some other Minneapolis/St. Paul homeowners who are contemplating refinishing their hardwood flooring.

The quesiton is: I know that I have hardwood floors underneath the carpet, should I pull up the carpet? The answer is: it doesn’t matter to us! We can easily get an idea as to what’s underneath the carpet simply by pulling back the corner and based on the dimension of the room, provide an accurate estimate. If you want to pull it up yourself, go ahead! If you don’t, we’ll gladly pull it up for you and even dispose of the carpet on your behalf.

Finding hardwood floors underneath carpet is a great surprise! I always wonder why someone would cover hardwood floors, I digress…

If you are thinking of pulling up the carpet and refinishing your hardwood floors, call the Twin Cities hardwood flooring experts today!


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proof is in the testimonies! minneapolis/st. paul homeowners speak up…

I wish it were the case that Voyageur Flooring was the only company that refinishes and installs hardwood floors in the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, their are a few us doing this work. As a homeowner myself, I like to know that the people that come to my home and do work are reputable and safe. When a company is open and transparent about its past record, it makes me feel like they are trustworthy. Voyageur Flooring understands this and that’s why we provide you with letters of references from past customers. Some companies fake these lettersĀ – we don’t. On our letters you can find phone numbers to the customers themselves.

If you’re looking for a reputable company to refinish your hardwood floors or perhaps install new hardwood flooring, please visit our reference page and be assured that Voyageur Flooring will be on time, extremely skilled and a pleasure to do business with. Here is the link:

If you would like to request a free estimate click here: Hardwood Floor Refinishing FREE QUOTE.



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April availability

Spring is in the air – sort of. Although my calendar reads April 5th, snow is falling outside. Roseville, MN must have received an inch last night. Southern Minnesota (Albert Lea, Owatonna, et. al) received much more. Hopefully the warm weather will come soon and stay for awhile – more than a few days this time! My point about spring being in the air is that it’s a great time to refinish your hardwood floors. More than likely you’re going to be doing some spring cleaning anyways. Having your floors “cleaned up” as well is a good idea, especially if you haven’t had your hardwood floors refinished in a few years.

Voyageur Flooring has managed to stay busy in this tougher business climate. However, we still have a few openings for the month of April. If your contemplating refinishing your hardwood floors, take action and check it off of your list of things to do. The process will only take a few days at most. To request a free in home estimate to have your hardwood floors refinished, click here.

Thanks for considering Voyageur Flooring!

Free estimate on hardwood flooring services: CLICK HERE

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