Common Flooring Question: Water Based Finish vs. Oil Based Finish?

Often times at Voyageur Flooring we here homeowners in Minneapolis/St. Paul ask us what the main differences are between an oil based finishes and water based finish products. If you are considering having your hardwood floors refinished you should be asking these questions because their is a difference!

Voyageur Flooring‘s website has answers. Please see both links for a detailed answer to this good question. I will also give a short summary here. ( & (

 At Voyageur Flooring we believe in water based finishes for three main reasons. First, water based finishes give off a CONSIDERABLE less amount of fumes contrasted against oil based products. Wood Floor refinishing doesn’t have to be a process that removes you from your home and gives you a headache when you return.  Secondly, we believe at Voyageur Flooring that water based products last longer than oil based products. Although we’d love to refinish your hardwood floors every year (our business would explode), homeowners like you should have to refinish your floors every 7-10 years. Some oil products don’t last half that long. Finally, oil based products have a tendency to taint the coloring of your hardwood floor. Water based products allow a more natural look. Wood Floors are beautiful and we believe that water based products give a more accurate, un-tainted view of your floors. Of course, if you want your hardwood floor darkened or would like your hardwood floor to match furniture, trim, etc., we can stain your hardwood floor.

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