Customer words on Minnesota’s Hardwood Flooring choice: Voyageur Flooring

Recently Voyageur Flooring received a letter from a customer. This letter serves as a testimony to the quality of work that is performed by Voyageur Flooring and the manner in which we carry out our work. We deeply appreciate words like this from our customers – it means a lot to our business and we are excited to share them with you!

Dear Voyageur Flooring:

My wife and I personally wanted to thank you for the installation of our new red oak hardwood floors. We have worked with numerous contractors through out the years and have never been really impressed by other contractor’s professionalism or the quality of the work. My wife really appreciated Voyageur Flooring starting the job at the specified time and finishing the work on the agreed time schedule and taking the time to hang plastic minimize the dust in the house when sanding the floor. Voyageur Flooring staff was very courteous to my wife and three boys. In addition, I know that young children’s curiosity can get in the way when anyone is working. However, I was most impressed by the quality of the new red oak hardwood floors. Once again, thank you for our new red oak hardwood floors and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name.


Dennis M. Honsa, L.S.

Vice President

BDM Consulting Engineers and Surveyors

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