How Long Does Hardwood Floor Refinishing Take? Voyageur Flooring FAQ…

Often times we at Voyageur Flooring here the question: how long does hardwood floor refinishing take? Although every hardwood floor is different, hardwood floor refinishing usually takes 2-3 days. Our goal at Voyageur Flooring is to sand the hardwood floor on day one. Upon completion of hardwood floor sanding, Voyageur Flooring then thoroughly cleans the hardwood floor by vacuuming the hardwood floor. Once the hardwood floor surface has been cleaned, Voyageur Flooring will apply one coat of water based¬†polyurethane. That usually concludes day one. Day two Voyageur Flooring buffs the hardwood floor and applies another coat of water based polyurethane to the hardwood floor. This step is repeated by the end of the second day. In some cases with older Minneapolis/St. Paul homes, the hardwood floor needs extra sanding or perhaps repair and in these cases its not uncommon to have the process take three days. For more information on hardwood flooring and refinishing, visit Voyageur Flooring’s FAQ page:

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