Voyageur Flooring launches new feature to website:

From time to time, Voyageur Flooring posts Before and After pictures on the Voyageur Flooring blog, although we will continue to post new Before and After pictures here, we also launched our Before and After gallery on our website: The reason we have Before and After pictures in both places, is because some visitors to our website don’t know about the blog, and other visitors like to comment on our pictures which you can do on the blog.

Voyageur Flooring is committed to becoming Minnesota’s choice for Hardwood Flooring. We hope that our pictures and information pretaining to those pictures help Minneapolis, St. Paul and greater Twin Cities homeowners in their specific situations.

Voyageur Flooring will be rolling out new changes to the blog and our main website ( very soon. On the main site ( you are soon going to see letters of reference from our customers. We are going to be posting these letters because we frequently have homeowners request them. We have a lot of very satisfied customers and we at Voyageur Flooring want you to know that so you’ll feel comfortable using Voyageur Flooring for your own hardwood flooring needs. Soon on our blog you will find a question and answer forum. We are going to have a new page on the blog that will catalog questions we’ve received from Minneapolis, St. Paul and greater Twin Cities homeowners in hopes that it will serve as a resource for others.

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