Minneapolis Floor Refinishing: Before and After pictures of recent work done by Voyageur Flooring

Wood Floor shown PRIOR to Sanding/Refinishing

The above picture was taken at a home in an old Minneapolis neighborhood that Voyageur Flooring recently worked in. Often times in older Minneapolis, and St. Paul homes, you’ll find that homes have hardwood floors on the entire first floor and sometimes the second floor as well. This wood floor is a great example of a hardwood floor that needs to be refinished. You can see that the wood floor has received heavy traffic and you can also see a yellow tint to the hardwood floor. This tint comes from oil based finish that was used last time this wood floor was sanded and refinished.


Wood Floor now Sanded and Refinished. The finish on this hardwood floor is now a superior water based product giving it more natural look.

You can now see the difference between a hardwood floor that’s been refinished with a water based product versus an oil based product. This Minneapolis Hardwood Floor now looks more natural and is void of that yellow tint you see in the first picture of this wood floor. One of the major advantages of a water based finish is the odor. It is much less invasive and doesn’t have that “toxic” smell of an oil based product. In addition to that advantage, the wood floor has more pop to it. You can see the grain patters and details in the wood much more easily.

 If you would like information on refinishing/sanding your wood floors, Voyageur Flooring can help! You can go to our new website: www.VoyageurFlooring.com and request a FREE in home estimate, or you can call 651.226.0093.


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